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Monday, October 31, 2016

Building Connections Through Field Trip

When I was in Lower School, I always admired and looked up to the Upper School kids. I could not wait until the day I would step into the next building over and be one of them. Everyone would anticipate the days when there would be collaboration between the two schools. Mrs. Ritz, the best Upper School art teacher (no bias), decided to create one of these days for the 4th graders to collaborate in a creative way with the 10th and 11th grade honors sculpture art classes
On the hunt for building materials.
We started the day getting to know the 4th graders. The creative challenge was to fit the entire team in a fort made up of only resources from the forest space. The kids gathered large sticks as the base of the structure. We worked with them to decide what the structure would look like but the decision was ultimately their own. We assisted them when we were asked but mainly we wanted them to figure out how to solve problems. Our structure, again, not bias, was the best out of all the groups. The day was a huge success as the Upper School kids joined forces with the 4th graders to create a fortress built from imagination, creativity and nature.
 ~ Josh F. '18
Josh and friends proudly display their fort.

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