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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Upper Schooler Reconnects to Lower School Through Seussical

"Hi!!!" I say as I smile and wave frantically.
"Hey, Aman!" the giant replies.
I smile again and stroll over to my fellow 5th grade friends.
"That's right. I just talked to an upper schooler!"
Aman and some of her Lower School castmates.
They look at me in awe and I feel amazing for the rest of the day. When I was in Lower School, I knew a lot of Upper Schoolers thanks to Belfry Summer Camp. The Upper Schoolers were the counselors, but we felt like they were our best friends. This past year as I transitioned into Upper School I got the opportunity to work with the Lower School in the Belfry's production of Suessical. It was so much fun to work with them and an amazing experience. It was a different feeling, being put on a pedestal by the Lower Schoolers, when just a few years ago I was doing the same. I would walk in the library and I would hear them whispering
"I know her!!! She's Mrs. Mayor."
So I would smile and wave, knowing very well that their days would be made just as mine were years ago.

~ Aman G. ‘19

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