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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Upper and Lower Schools Assemble to Assemble

Students set to work planning their project.

For Upper School students, the opportunity to interact with the Lower School students is always a fun experience. We are fortunate that our school holds all ages of students and creates an inviting environment for us to collaborate across all divisions. During the Science Assembly with the Lower School, each of the seven Upper School Houses connected with a Lower School grade and completed an art/science project. Groups of students made sun dials, 3D glasses, and green army men. These are the days that continue to build upon our school community and spirit.
A 5th and 11th grader share a laugh during a break.
As the younger students watch your every move, you realize just how much of an impact you can have on them. Most times, we do not remember that these are the kids watching us, waiting for the day they get to be like us. For those Upper Schoolers that have been here since Lower School, connecting with the younger grades becomes a time to reminisce on our own Lower School experiences. We remember the exciting days when we got to conduct fun science experiments with the Upper School through KTK, or the times we saw them supporting us at Field Day. Whether we are playing sports, performing on stage, or just walking down the hallway, GA students support each other across all divisions and grades and embrace our school pride.

~ Katie W. ‘17

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