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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Reflecting on the Ride

I never considered myself the sentimental type but I must admit that it‘s hard not to be as a senior.  Everything that happens this year, is happening for the last time.  This past Saturday was my last time participating in the GA Jazz Cabaret. While it is always a struggle for me to get to practice at 7:30 am, twice a week, year round, I can not help but reflect on my growth as a musician over the years and how those early morning practices improved my musicianship. As I listened to many of my friends belt their improv solos, I will always look back with fondness on the many friendships I made through the Jazz Ensemble. It has been a great ride Mr. Horner! Congratulations LS, MS, and US Jazz Ensembles and Patriot Select on performances well done!  

- Michael H.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Indoor Field Hockey... Say what?!

Believe it or not - GA’s indoor field hockey team DOES exist. Whether anyone is aware or not, GA hosts an indoor league which takes place every Thursday night in the field house against various teams from the area. Four games are played every Thursday, and our coach, Ms. Watson, and Jess, a Lower School art teacher, ref the games. It has been a great way for the team to bond off-season while playing in a low stress environment. They are always something I look forward to in the week and a great way to forget about the stress of school for an hour or so. We even get together after school and have a team dinner if we have the dreaded 8:45 game. With only two games left before the close of the indoor season, I will definitely miss our Thursday night games. It has been a great season and I am already looking forward to next year!

-Morgan I.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Breaking Records en Route to Making them

This year GA sent a record number of students to the Pennsylvania Music Educators' Association (PMEA) District 11 Band. Michael Hanamirian, Peter Hillinck, Tim Reuter, Eli Scheleicher, and myself, all seniors, spent three days at the end of January perfecting professional level music in a group of 70 high school students selected from high schools from Montgomery and Bucks County.

Our conductor, Dr. Jason Worzbyt, was so surprised at this year's band's preparation that he complimented us every single time he spoke to us as a group (which was too many times to count). The three day event culminated in a performance that had everyone on their feet by the end of the last song.
The five of us all met a wide range of unique and talented musicians, all were excited about music and love spreading it. We were also proud to represent our school, as GA was one of the few schools to send at least five students to District Band. This is a great testament to the music program at GA, led by Mr. Mauro, the Wind Ensemble director, Mr. Horner, the orchestra director, and Mr. Masters, the new performing arts head.

The five of us are sad to have performed at our last District Band, but are happy to leave GA on a positive note.
Not pictured: Michael Hanamirian
 -- Brett C.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

As Long as I got my Suit and Tie

Once a year, the entire upper school is invited to a very much anticipated semiformal dance. It features stressed ladies trying to decide which dress they look fantastic in, stressed guys praying that the girls they ask to the dance will say that magic "yes" word, stressed teachers not looking forward to chaperoning the dance, stressed everyone. It's quite a big deal , but don't let me make you think it's all about stress. Although this winter formal dance is not unique to our school, the class with which students carry themselves is. Mr. Schellhas does a truly brilliant job of enforcing rules in a fun and yet serious way. The same goes for guidelines regarding semi. And not only that, but dresses are beautiful, suits are starched and neat, and people are happy. The more profound part of me thinks that it is a chance for the entire upper school to attend one huge event and to create a stronger sense of community. But, of course, the profound part of me does not like to pop up for long. Semi is also about friends to see each other at their finest, and to taking glorious photos. However the students feel about semi, I hope that they are able to overlook the anxiety over finding the perfect dress and perfect date and enjoy it. After all, it only happens once a year. 
- Lauren W.