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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Adios Chaos, Hello Summer

Is it actually summer already? WOAH. This year has definitely been one of the most chaotic years of my life. But through all the chaos, i have had a lot of fun meeting new people and learning so much. Looking back, transferring to GA has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I wouldn't change it if i was given the option. Have a great summer everyone! See you in September!...and hopefully a bunch of new faces too :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oh Exams...

The long lacrosse season just ended. We played fairly well, as we didn't have the best record, but improved as a team as the season progressed. As the year winds, the work is piling up. I'm still trying to teach myself to manage my time, but it's not quite the easiest thing. We are currently in our last week of school, and we can see our exams right around the corner. I hope to start preparing in what free time I get, as these count for more than they did in Middle School. Can't wait for summer :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Freshmen Retreat to the Kimmel Center

Although we dreaded the thought of sitting for a full 2 hours and listening to an orchestra at the Kimmel Center, many of my classmates' responses were positive! The first half of the show consisted of two men who were speaking about what each "motif" in the music symbolized. Some examples of motifs symbolized fate or tears. I'm sure nobody has ever experienced music analyzed like that, and I personally thought it was really cool. After the intermission, the orchestra played the whole piece (I forget who the composer was) and it was amazing. They really know how to play!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sushi Tuesdays and the 9 Best Things About Being a GA'er

I find it hilarious when people ask me to tell them what made me want to go to GA. The truth is that I never really had a say in what school I would be going to attend. I just sat around while my parents feverishly took any bit of information on schools that their coworkers children went to. In all honestly, I could say that I wanted to go to GA because they had a dugout in the middle of the middle school (which any school could have that… for heaven’s sake my elementary school had that!). But I normally ignore those questions because personally, I believe that it's not what initially attracted me to a school, it's what the school has offered that made me stay instead of leaving after the first year.

Let's be real, what I like about GA consist about multiple things (some frivolous but most are pretty legit).

1. The cafeteria food is wonderful. I mean, who has the leisure to say they eat sushi every Tuesday? And the best thing… the chicken doesn’t bounce!

2. The teachers are really wonderful (they are all out pleasant people to talk to).

3. Tight knitted-ness of the community (GA doesn't lie when we say this). In 8th grade, I remember a former teacher telling my grade ('13) that there was such a tight bond and how he didn't want it to change. I'm proud to say that it hasn't changed one bit. If anything, it might have gotten bigger to accommodate the newer students!

4. Oktoberfest (mmmmm Gummy bears)!

5. The creek...I learned how to canoe in P.E. can you say that?

6. Relations with teachers (they are like friends, but older… sometimes a lot older).

7. Mr. Connor’s speeches...not to mention, a good way to miss the first few minutes of a 1st period test :)

8. Did I mention food?

9. I can be myself i.e. skipping down the hallways like a mad person without any weird looks...for the most part.

If you’ve gone GA/ visited GA post what you loved about GA in the comments section below!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

2012 GA House Olympics

There’s nothing quite like the zaniness and awesomeness of Germantown Academy’s Upper School House Olympics.  At the 5th Annual Olympics, GA’s seven Houses competed against one another for bragging right and the coveted schoolhouse trophy. In the end, Kershaw came out victorious. 

To learn more about the history behind the House Olympics, please visit:

Enjoy a few minutes of the House Olympics now and watch the video below!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Saturday Night Live at GA? Well sorta...

Last Friday night, Erik R. ('12) and Sam P. ('12) directed the Belfry production of Academy Night Live for BATS. BATS is a combination of a few short skits, written by students here at GA, and directed by two seniors who take part in belfry. This year, the theme was SNL, and there were many short, funny sketches created for the production. It was such a great experience, and just having everyone laugh when you deliver your lines is an amazing feeling. I hope that everyone else who was involved and everyone who came out to support us enjoyed the show as much as I did!