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Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer at Oxford Prepares GA Student for Senior Year

This summer, I applied to study abroad at Oxford University in Oxford, England. At first, it seemed really out of my comfort zone, but as I adjusted, it turned into one of the best summers of my life. Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday I had two hours of classes. The first hour was psychology and the second was creative writing. Both were amazing classes, but psychology was my favorite. Each day, we discussed a new element in the subject matter. Every Wednesday, we went to London to explore different museums, neighborhoods, and find our own way.

Caroline steps out of an iconic UK telephone box during her time in Oxford.

The director of the program really wanted every student to not only spend time with others but also to roam around on their own in Oxford. We had a lot of time to go around and explore the town, try new restaurants, and do different activities around town. One day, a group of friends and I went punting which was surprisingly hard. We also saw Christ’s Church, which is where part of Harry Potter was filmed. The program planned Saturday excursions along with half-day excursions. Over the course of the program, we went to Blenheim Palace, Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge, Stratford, and Avon. The program also had planned dinners such as an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party and a Harry Potter themed dinner. Both were amazing. This program really stretched my mind and allowed me to explore the town. It was one of the best summers and I would not be as prepared for my senior year as I am now if I hadn’t gone on this adventure.

~ Caroline A. ‘15

Back to School

In a tradition more than 250 years old, Germantown Academy will begin another school year early next week. With Opening Day for the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools fast approaching, there is much to look forward to in order to add to the heritage of GA. From the Flag Raising Ceremony to the welcoming and orientation of new students and faculty, the start of school is always an exciting time in Fort Washington.

Before they return to campus, however, our students often travel far and wide over the course of the summer. They explore colleges, gain real world experience through internships, pursue their athletic dreams, and find fun and creative ways to relax while enjoying the summer. Through PatChat, we will provide you a sampling into some of our students' summer experiences. As we fully resume the academic year, continue to check back with PatChat to hear the voices of our students as they navigate their way through 2014-2015.

Welcome back, Patriots!