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Friday, March 21, 2014

AP Spanish en la Ciudad

This past Thursday, my AP Spanish Literature and Culture class went to New York City to see the play La Casa de Bernarda Alba, written by Federico Garcia Lorca. We read the play prior to seeing it, so everyone understood the plot before the trip. My classmates enjoyed acting the scenes out with each other during Spanish class, so we were looking forward to watching actual professionals perform Lorca’s play.
            Sra. Ayers, our teacher, and Sra. Marquez, one of the Spanish teachers in the Modern Languages Department, drove our class in vans to Trenton so we could take the train into the city. The ride ended up being longer than expected due to various travel delays, but I still had a lot of fun chatting with my friends. After quite some time, we finally made it into New York City. The original plan was that we would walk to the theater from the train station, but we were so late that we all decided to take taxi cabs instead. By the time we arrived at the play, we had already missed a good chunk of the production, but we were definitely glad that we didn’t miss the whole thing!
Despite their delays, the class joyously made their way to NYC.

            Despite having read the play already, I found it really interesting that the director of the show chose to change various elements of the stage directions. Some of the color motifs Lorca utilized in the original script were altered by this particular director, which prompted some discussion among my classmates after the show. The play was entirely in Spanish, so it was a good test for me to see how well I could keep up with the speed of native Spanish speakers! The lighting, sound, and acting in the performance were great, so the long commute was definitely worth the wait.
            After the play, we had a couple of hours to eat lunch, so we all split up and explored different restaurants in the city. Although it was a cold and windy day, it was nice to walk through New York City for a little while and take in the sights and sounds. New York City is a little too overwhelming for me sometimes, but getting to enjoy it with my classmates for a day was a nice diversion from the typical school day.
Olivia and her classmates had the opportunity to wander a chilly New York City

            The day after we saw La Casa de Bernarda Alba, we had a test on the quotes, themes, and characters from the play. Seeing the play beforehand helped me understand the relationships among characters and their individual purposes within the plot of the play. My trip to New York with my Spanish class was definitely a unique, hands-on learning experience.
- Olivia R. '14

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Middle School athletics

This is my first year playing sports at GA. I am in 6th grade and athletics begin once you get to Middle School. This spring I am playing lacrosse, this is my 2nd year playing. It is fun but it's hard too. We run every day 7 minutes straight and there is always something you have to do while you run. I play goalie and attack. I love to play sports. In the fall I did soccer. In the winter I did basketball. And now in the spring, well, kinda spring :), I am playing lacrosse again. So if you like sports, then I’ll see you on the fields at GA!
- Sarah A. '20
Sarah and her teammates this winter.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Upper School Orchestra Rocks the Capitol

The Upper School Orchestra sets up in the Capitol atrium.
March is national Music in Our Schools Month, and to celebrate the appreciation of musical education, the Upper School Symphonic Band, under the direction of Mr. Mauro and US Performing Arts Chair Mr. Masters, took a trip to play a set at the State Capitol in Harrisburg. On March 10th, we made the two hour trek to our state representatives' HQ. The band played seven pieces as members of the House of Representatives and Senate listened from their offices or the spaces surrounding the atrium. We performed in the center of the building, in a domed, open area – perfect acoustics. The performance was definitely one of our best. Some highlights included various government officials enthusiastically congratulating Mr. Mauro on our fine playing, including Representative Mary Jo Daley of Montgomery County. Representative Daley stopped by for a photo op and to take in our performance of "Caravan", which featured an awesome(ly loud) drum solo (we definitely got the senators and reps moving with that one).
Rep. Daley addresses the Orchestra.
All students – woodwind, brass, and percussion performers alike – really enjoyed the opportunity to express our thanks for GA's wonderful music program by doing what we do best: playing our instruments.

-Alli L. ‘14

Alli and her bandmates enjoyed a day in Harrisburg . . .

which apparently was plenty of fun.