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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Aca-Scuse me? Aca-believe it.

In lieu of the recently produced movie, "Pitch Perfect", I feel that it's fitting to write about GA Acapella. Although we only meet every Wednesday morning, the people who participate are clearly just as excited as Mr. Masters, who conducts/ transcribes/ creates parts to fit the music/ anything else musical that I didn't mention already. The group is comprised of people who have extensive musical backgrounds to people who have never sang in their lives. And yet, we are aca-awesome (sorry that was really cheesy...). Right now we are working on "It's Time" by Imagine Dragons and "Down" by Jay Sean. Eventually, these two songs will be combined into one, and be performed in front of the Upper School. Regardless of the limited meeting times, I know that we can pull it off. In fact, I'm surprised we aren't signed to a label yet (I joke, I joke). Wednesday morning acapella definitely brightens my painful Wednesday mornings!

Lauren W.